Think Outside the Bomb National Tour 2010

This site has up to date information on Think Outside the Bomb’s national 2010 tour.

CLICK FOR TOUR DATES: April 30, 2010: NYC to July 30, 2010: Northern New Mexico

We seek to educate, empower, and outreach through our national tour, by offering critical information on the state of the US Nuclear Industrial Complex, as well as a critical look at how we engage in resistance. As we travel the country this summer, we will bring our message with powerful youth speakers as well as through song, spoken word, and original puppet theatre. We will focus on the issue of nuclear abolition and stress its intersections with other global movements, including: movements for sustainable energy, indigenous sovereignty struggles, and environmental movements. Our culture of resistance is one of creation, artistic expression, and the sustainability exemplified in the practices of permaculture.

We will demonstrate this cultural work at our permaculture and non-violence training encampment in Northern New Mexico July 30th through August 9th, 2010. For more information on Disarmament Summer and our Encampment, visit:

Las Vegas

We were hosted in Las Vegas by the Nevada Desert Experience. It was quite a privilege to stay with this group, which has worked so tirelessly over the decades to shut down the Nevada Test Site, which is 60 miles north of Las Vegas. Here are all of the photos from the event.

The day after our event, Joe and I woke up early and went with one of our hosts, Meigan, to see the test site. On our way there, we passed a prison and Creech Air Force Base, which is the base from which the drones that daily bomb and surveil Pakistan are operated. Following a quick stop at the test site, we visited the Goddess Temple nearby, a center of healing amidst the aforementioned terror.

West Coast

Magicorn searches for Faeries in the Redwoods.

Seattle to Santa Barbara.

New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Why o ming?

A special thanks to Miguel Moreno, TOTB folks in New Mexico, Liz Woodruff, & Andrea Shippley at the Snake River Alliance.

New Orleans to Texas

Aiken & Pensacola